Anonymous: Do you have taste buds? Your reviews are awful, and everyone knows the seafood place is the shit. P.S. Do you have eyes to go along with those tastebuds? If you did, you'd see you've used the word "atmosphere" a million times. Please improve.

Ummm….I’m sorry but the only bad thing we said was that the chicken was a “little lacking”. We are just being honest, if you want fake propaganda that will only say good things, don’t look here.  We are gonna be real with our answers because if we don’t include the bad things along with the good then our reviews aren’t worth anything. So sorry, but we are clearly not what you are looking for. Also, we are not professionals, we wrote the review very quickly, so I apologize for the excessive use of atmosphere, but I think you should check your facts, I don’t believe we used the word a million times….

Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood House

Located in Doylestown’s Main Street Marketplace, the PA Soup and Seafood House is a wonderful place to grab dinner. While waiting for your meal they offer around three or four types of bread for you and your table to enjoy at your own leisure. (You get up and get the bread yourself).

The atmosphere is rather casual and the restaurant is more or less in the middle of the indoor marketplace, but it still manages to feel intimate and refreshing.

Despite its name, the PA Soup and Seafood House offers much more than just soup and seafood. While their versions of seafood staples such as creamy crab soup and fish and chips are delicious, they also have wonderful pizza and sandwiches.

The soups are pretty good. One of us had the chicken vegetable and the flavoring was amazing, but the chicken was a little lacking. Another one of us had the creamy crab soup, which was wonderful, with the perfect amount of crab.

Prices are reasonable. A cup of soup is about $6.00. There are certainly cheaper places to eat, but you get some really good food for some pretty decent prices.


Saxby’s is your typical coffeeshop. Most of their drinks you can find at Starbucks for about the same price. But the biggest difference for us is the atmosphere. In Starbucks, it’s easy to feel rushed and hassled. At Saxby’s, the people get to know your order. They have a conference room downstairs where different groups meet. If you have a few spare minutes for coffee, we would definitely recommend Saxby’s.

We highly recommend the Grasshopper Latte. It may have an odd name, but it is actually a dark chocolate and mint latte. Delicious.

Another good latte is the Snickers Latte. It is hazelnut coffee with caramel and chocolate, YUM.

If you are not a big fan of coffee, they have lots of baked goods including delicious brownies, and bagels, you can also ask them to heat them up for you, and if you are staying there, you can make that apparent and ask for a mug and a plate, it gives a great feeling of comfort, almost as if you are enjoying all of these wonderful snacks at home.

Other non-coffee treats include hot chocolate, hot apple cider, frozen yogurt, and their “Frolattes”, these frozen treats are kind of like a Starbucks frappuccino, but (in my opinion) BETTER=].

My favorite part about Saxby’s is the atmosphere. This is the kind of cafe where you can stay for multiple hours either hanging out, doing homework, or even holding class in the downstairs meeting room. Also, the atmosphere is one in which you don’t feel as if someone is looking at you and waiting for you to leave. You can sit and relax without feeling like you should buy something more because you are staying a long time.